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Osteopathic Approach to Primitive Reflexes & Developmental Delay.

Often children with developmental delay fly under the radar—they achieve, but not to their fullest potential. Working with primitive reflexes assists them in flourishing to their highest potential.

When: 25-26th February 2023

Where: Brunswick Heads, New South Wales

Host: Kate Egan.

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In this course, you will:
  • Gain clarity over primitive reflexes and how they fit into the neuro-developmental picture.
  • Discover additional diagnostic tools for treating paediatric patients.
  • Develop more of a structured framework for working with children with developmental delay.
  • Learn practical techniques for assisting children with neuro-developmental delay.

Course details can be found here

If you can not make this course, click here for online learning

Indirect/Direct Osteopathic Approach

Learn effective indirect and direct techniques with Jamie Taylor and Marcus Ferrara.

When: 25-26th March 2023

Where: Hobart

Host: Estelle Gaffric

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In this course, you will:

  • Learn practical techniques both direct (oscillation, articulation and MFR) and indirect (cranial, BLT, fascial release and BMT).
  • Gain clarity over how indirect techniques influence the body.
  • Discover additional osteopathic techniques for treating patients.

Course details can be found here