Upcoming Teaching Seminars

We are happy to announce we have one seminar coming up in the month of November - in Auckland

For more information on the speakers, registrations and the format of the courses, please read below. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Indirect Direct Osteopathic Technique Overview

Auckland - 12th & 13th February 2021

Many Osteopaths work in a rich and varied way this seminar celebrates this by bringing together a variety of techniques for several regions of the body. It is also an opportunity for Osteopaths less familiar with certain styles of technique to try them in a safe and supportive environment.


Marcus Ferreira

Marcus Ferreira Osteopath: Graduate of ESO, England 1995. Has worked extensively with both council and society in various roles for over 20 years. Has taught postgraduate around NZ for over 10 years and current supervises in a clinical setting at the Ara undergraduate program part time in Christchurch. He practices in Kaikoura and when he isn’t working can found kayaking around south bay.

Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor Osteopath: Graduate of ESO, England, 1994. Taught for the ESO undergraduate program for 10 years in  cranial, BLT, Fascial release, paediatric and child development. Has been teaching in Australia and NZ since 2005. He runs a small group practice in Palmerston North when he isn’t at work he is at home with the family or doing endless DIY.


When: 6th 7th November 2021

Venue: Lincoln Green Hotel, 159 Lincoln Road Henderson, Auckland.

Cost: $550 Student $200 tea coffee provided, lunch not included.

Saturday 9.30am start time, Sunday 9.00am start time

Contact for Bookings: jamieandlynsey@xtra.co.nz



Saturday November 6th - 9.30am Start

IVM listening posts, fascial release, Viola Frymann, 2000.
Principles of fascial unwinding, Minasny, 2009.
Research Robert Schleip, 2018.Stecco, 2014,Findley, 2013, Tozzi, 2016 and Bordoni, 2020.
Technique unwind lower leg – Jamie Taylor.
Technique unwind shoulder – Marcus Ferreira.

Shoulder girdle – Indirect release, routine for BLT clavicle, Gleno humeral, Scapulo thoracic sitting. Anterior cervical fascia, mediastinum, pericardium - Jamie Taylor.
Supine recoil sternum – Marcus Ferreira.
MET shoulder girdle – Marcus Ferreira.
Prone articulation A/C Gleno humeral – Marcus Ferreira.
Side lying scapula articulation/lift - Marcus Ferreira.

Saturday November 6th - 9.00am Start

Sacral palpation IVM sacral Float/balance membranous technique – Jamie Taylor.
Ilia/ Sacrum Indirect ligamentous basket release – Jamie Taylor.
Sitting balance membranous technique Jamie Taylor.
Syncing pelvic/ thoracic diaphragm and Thoracic outlet /RTM Indirect release, Viola Frymann 3 diaphragms core link ideas – Jamie Taylor.
Ischial tuberosity direct side lying pelvic floor release – Marcus Ferreira.
MET Hip stabilisers/ flexors – Marcus Ferreira.
Articulatory routine Lumbar/ Sacroiliac and Hip supine/ side lying – Marcus Ferreira.