Often when breastfeeding some foods eaten by Mum can influence milk and irritate babies’ tummy.

The rule of thumb is the less processed the food the better. Fruit in season is great for snacking, melon, bananas, apples, pears etc. Avoid acidic fruits like citrus and kiwi. Raw unroasted, unsalted nuts are also a good source of energy.

Hot drinks like coffee, tea and even decaffeinated drinks can cause major issues. Try redbush (Rooibos tea) or standard fruit teas or go crazy and drink water.  Energy drinks and fizzy drinks like coke, V are also a bad idea, small quantities fruit juice dilated are fine, however apple rather than Orange juice for example.

Watch your bread intake try using gluten-free bread its ok toasted.  Vegetables are good for you greens don’t produce windy babies refined processed foods and caffeine are much more likely to cause issues.

Breakfast is key for consolidating good feeding through the day so go for scrambled eggs, (no milk added on GF toast), porridge, and muesli. Avoid standard cereals they are heavily processed if you must have Weetbix go for the GF variety.

Lunch avoid processed meats and cheese, try preparing ready-made soups rather than filling up on snacks. Countdown does risotto, soups, stews in ready-made refrigerated packets they are great initially to help.

The Revive Cookbook Vol. 1 is a good resource.

Suitable food options include:

  • Redbush tea.
  • Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free soups risotto.
  • Lunches grab from Countdown.
  • Lactose-free Anchor milk.
  • Porridge and or eggs for breakfast.
  • No citrus/No kiwifruit. Apples pears and bananas. Stewed fruit but don’t add sugar.
  • Healtheries LSA or Ceres Ground millet added with milk/warm water and stewed apple is a good child’s breakfast, avoid Farex.

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